CleanVenture’s Programs

CleanVenture’s three primary programs are described below. Each startup admitted to the incubator will be enrolled in the Core Accelerator Program (CAP) and either BAP or ABAP based on results of a needs assessment during admissions.

Core Accelerator Program (CAP) – for all businesses in incubator

1. Weekly progress, planning, and coaching meetings with CleanVenture CEO
2. Pairing of founders with skilled mentors and MBA student interns
3. Legal and accounting support services
4. Customer strategy
5. Access to seasoned managers via CleanVenture Advisory Council and sponsors

Business Accelerator Program (BAP) - for fledgling companies just beyond R&D stage

1. Onsite incubation for 3 years
2. Business plan development
3. Customer trial preparation
4. Market research, sizing, and validation
5. Building a skilled advisory board
6. Patent preparation

Advanced Business Accelerator Program (ABAP) - for companies ready to expand and/or go to market

1. Onsite incubation for up to 2 years
2. Business development and sales strategy
3. Partnering and corporate strategy
4. Building a skilled management team and board of directors
5. Funding strategy and preparing for investor presentations

Program Name Program Activities  
Core Business Accelerator (CAP) Services for all participants  
Business Accelerator Program (BAP) Services for early stage participants  
Advanced Business Accelerator Program (ABAP) Services for mid stage participants  



Applicants will be screened for:

• Strength of the team
• Technology or service value proposition
• Sufficient funding to complete the program
• Sufficiently large target market size
• Plan to develop and sell a green (cleantech, clean energy, clean water) product or service
• Scalability
• State of research, development, and proof-of-concept
• Value of the company’s product to community stakeholders
• Business plan fundamentals
• Willingness to participate in rigorous mentoring and other incubator programs

Needs, Problems, and Opportunities to be Addressed

Top tier San Diego research universities, the highly regarded CONNECT Springboard program, skilled service providers, a large number of networking & support organizations, and collaborative regional government are all conducive to cleantech industry growth. CleanVenture is the only regional resource striving to house, mentor, and accelerate cleantech entrepreneurs and startup businesses at their earliest stage.

The County of San Diego and other government agencies are actively planning for contingencies to mitigate the impacts of climate change, which has increased the severity, and frequency of natural disasters. Water conservation, transport, and generation, and new technologies for drought tolerance will be the most critical issues facing the San Diego region over the next decade. Likewise, wildfire response requires enormous planning, preparation, resources, and investment. Clean technologies and clean energy have the potential to slow greenhouse gas emissions and thus, in the future, reduce the requirement for contingency planning and expense.

To leverage this political window of opportunity, it is crucial that cleantech businesses grow quickly, devoid of the errors commonly made by startup founders. Startup founders radiate passion, energy, and innovations, but often lack experience. CleanVenture will mentor startup founders and their management teams in the skills necessary to successfully start and operate a new business.





"Researchers found that business incubators are the most effective means of creating jobs – more effective than roads and bridges, industrial parks, commercial buildings, and sewer and water projects."

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